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Pollywogs Play School has Successfully closed!

Pollywogs Play School is a West Seattle daycare providing daily childcare in a safe, nurturing and friendly environment that provides time for play, arts and crafts, field trips, walks, reading, story time and other activities that are appropriate for the children in our care and activities that avoid TV and video viewing.

We care for children in a loving and respectful manner and in an environment where children are allowed to be children, doing what they do and also taking responsibility for their actions.  Children will be trusted and encouraged to resolve problems that may occur in their environment and in their relationships and will be guided toward making good choices.  We believe we have a responsibility to guide the children in our care in a manner that is consistent with those of the parents who place their children in our care during hours they cannot be with them.

Pollywogs utilizes a Mother Goose Time Pre-school curriculum as part of your child's learning experience. 

Our hours of operation are Monday - Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
Pollywogs is CLOSED on Fridays.